Pittsburgh Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center

Long-Term Care Network

This voluntary network of regional long-term and life care communities was created in Pittsburgh over five years ago to provide a centralized resource for promotion of research by increasing communication between investigators and LTC leadership. The network represents 17 facilities with over 4500 older adults who range from healthy to very vulnerable. Under the Directorship of Dr. Nace, the LTC Network meets twice yearly to explore mutual needs, concerns, and opportunities. Individual member institutions have been a rich source of support for OAIC investigators and Dr. Nace has helped to initiate studies (including R01’s, PCORI and pilot studies) through the Network including those of Drs. Greenspan, Handler, Brach, Sparto, Huppert, Rosso, VanSwearingen, and Sejdic.

Pepper investigators who wish to explore research opportunities in participating long-term and life care settings can approach Dr. Nace and Dr. Albert for access. Brief descriptions of proposed studies using the LTC Network are submitted to Dr. Nace for initial review. If considered appropriate, more complete proposals are submitted to the LTC Network for evaluation and recommendations. We monitor the use and success of this resource through Dr. Nace, the Network, and participating investigators.

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