Pittsburgh Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center

Clinical and Population Outcomes Core (CPOC)

The goal of the CPOC is to assist the Pittsburgh OAIC investigators reach their objectives for research in balance, mobility, and aging. To achieve our goals the CPOC has provided key features to facilitate clinical research including:

  1. Pepper Research Registry of over 3000 participants interested in research related to our theme.
  2. Aging Epidemiology Studies including CHS, CHS-All Stars, Health ABC, SOF, MrOS, LIFE, Look AHEAD, and Testosterone Trial.
  3. Library of standardized forms.
  4. Long-Term Care Network.
  5. SMART Center clinical research space for a track, gait measures, treadmill, and DXA; and 6) advice from our Community Advisory Board who are champions in the community.

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